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We perform quick repairs and with the highest quality . All types of construction leading to injection molding machines with valve closure ball and conical tip , nozzles and nozzle holder .

In our spindle repairs bring materials with chromium, cobalt and tungsten carbide , grinding and polishing to touch again.

Repaired cameras , enlarging the inside diameter will return to give the nitriding treatment


The different types of screws are ground , polished discount and also the threads are coated with stellite welding to the extent of the camera, or nominal size and polished to tight end in his chambers .

The spindle carrying a chrome tratatamiento are descromados , ground and finally re- chroming . In both nitrided and bimetallic screw ends the treatment process and nitrided .

We repair all possible parts , which are related to the plasticizing cylinder heads are reconditioned and links , lapping and grinding the heads . Toe, build caps valves and seats, if the dropouts can be reconditioned .

In addition , more spindles build profiles used in the processing market of plastics, rubbers , rubbers, silicones , etc. .

Just as our own designs that ensure increased production of the plastic material used by our customers.


Camera encasquillamos rectify and if badly damaged . What we do is lapping and let the nominal with a tolerance adapting to screw the camera to be housed .

In the case of repair , the procedure is encasquillar and adjusting screw to fit. If it is nitrided chambers , they receive a nitriding treatment .

Nitrided chambers once are verified and checked for wear , are ground , lapped nominal measure , or to a larger diameter are subsequently taken to a nitriding treatment layer 0.5 mm.

Also, if the camera is very poor , we will encasquillar getting respect the nominal , and able to adjust the screw to this measure.

The extruders double cameras are repaired, removed caps being worn and rectifying bimetallic . Build new bimetallic bushes and encasquillamos the cameras leaving them new .

We have at our disposal the most comprehensive stock of all complementary elements: heads , screw tips , games ferrules, interchangeable nozzles and so on .

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We repair and rebuild machines closures groups of up to about 16 tons tonnage. These closures are transported to our factory, disassembled, repaired and reassembled.

Courses are planned and recondition a rough measure 1200x1200

Repair columns are descromadas, rectified and re-chroming. If they are in poor condition are built with mat. F-125 ttdo. and chrome nominal thickness.


Our goals are primarily based on providing a complete service and obtaining the complete satisfaction of our customers.